Free Will: your human experience bonus.

Free will has been a philosophical debate for centuries, as it stands, most all constructs of society depend a great deal on the fact that we as human beings have, “voluntary choice or decision”, according to the Merriam-Webster definition. I would wager that most people believe that they choose what they do, freely.

What I know to be true for life is, that there are things we DO NOT have control over, these are facts that exist outside of ourselves, (other people, the weather, etc…). Then there are the things we DO have control over, namely, our minds. These are our perceptions, intentions and ideas. These inform how we think, feel and interact with that which we do not have control over. Of course, there are countless amount of outside factors that can influence how we think, feel and ultimately respond, but if we build a more intimate relationship with the workings of our own mind, the outside influences have much less power over our minds.

Abraham-Hicks, the highly regarded law of attraction guru says that “ a belief is a thought you keep thinking.” This is how we turn the Facts of our life into problems. We keep thinking the thought that this one thing sucks over and over again, and becomes our truth. There are a couple of options. If you hate your job, you can either A) quit B) make it a problem you dwell on OR C) change the way you think about it.

This is where setting a “Life Intention” comes into play. If you know how you want to be in the world in every moment, your intention for living your best life is predetermined by you, no external factors can shake that. You remember your values, ideals and goals. You can be in any situation and respond the same by paying attention to your thoughts. This doesn’t mean you are always happy, but you can be in a state of acceptnace about feeling what’s true to you, not predetermined by someone else free will.

Choose your thoughts, feel your feels and live with free will as the reminder that ultimatly, it’s up to you.