What's so bad about the dark anyway?

I have been focusing on making the darker days warm and brighter, but what would happen if you were in it for what it was and truly accepted the change as another amazing part of the way the world works? Can you find beauty in the gray? Can you find comfort in the cold? Could it be a time to take a little pressure off of having to get so much done and just be with yourself? Could the death and decay of the outer world be an opportunity to find out what needs to die inside of you, so you may find a sense rebirth come spring? The clearing out of the garden and the outdoor furniture means we spend more time inside, closer to the ones we love.  Can you take the opportunity to open your heart more to the to blessings of being surrounded by unconditional love? Could you spend more time snuggling your pets instead of playing catch? If you live alone, could you take the opportunity to create more self care and more unconditional self love? What chores and goals can wait until spring? Can you extend your deadlines to sleep a little later? Can you use the longer nights to dig a little deeper into your restorative practices of deep stretching and cleansing? Gray is a neutral color between black and white, it is a color that could create a feeling of apathy, or maybe it could create the permission you have been needing to just be.  Could the goal of the winter be nothing, simply living with the intention of being alive? Stop all of the pressure of doing out in the world and see what a few months inside could do to shift your year and perspective of what a life worth living really means to you. If we make a real intention to get excited about the opportunity to be with ourselves and our loved ones, in PJ’s curled up in bed, we may just get really excited the sun has set early and there is no place you would rather be, but home. My invitation to you is to open up your senses, notice the sensations in your physical body, feel the chest rise and fall as you take deeper inhales and more cathartic exhales. Tune deeper into your heart.  What do you love and adore about the people you spend time with and about yourself? Slow down, take time to be with those qualities, really absorb them, look into your loved one’s eyes when you say I love you, and watch how being alive becomes good enough. If you would like help tuning into your body and understanding how we can find satisfaction in the being part of life,  email me and we can set up a mini coaching session.