Get Cozy: How to keep the darker days full of light

It's so important to put seasonal sadness in it's place, as it is something that happens to many people.  It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.  Allow your self to feel the feels and invite new ways of warmth and light into your life.  Community, nature and exercise are all natural endorphins, add a new class into your weekly schedule. Movement and sweating are my favorite ways to beat the blues or learn a new skill.  Read a book that inspires you, there are so many things out there to help you create more joy in your life, find what fills you up and learn about it.  Open up that writing journal. Writing is the best way to get out of your head, move through you emotions with ease and understand what they have to teach you.  It's really one of the only ways to truly get to know your mind.  Drink a warm beverage at night(instead of booze).  Alcohol is a depressant, not to mention a buffer for unwanted emotions.  When we cover up our feelings with false pleasures, we never get to figure out how to feel with ease and they usually come back bigger and badder the next round.  It's okay to be down, what's the worst that can happen? Plus tea is medicine and a warm mug between your hands feels so good. Go for a nature walk. I love to hike in every season.  It's the best way to stay grounded.  When we have too much distance from the natural world, I feel like it's easy to lose site of what's really important.  To me that is love and connection. Notice how the cool weather opens up the senses in a different way.  Jump in some puddles. Playing and having fun for funs sake is something we really loose out on as adults, we really take ourselves way too serious.  I've yet to meet a kid with seasonal sadness... Host a game night.  Another great way to get in touch with your innocents, make your house warm with laughter and a little healthy competition. Bake something.Filling the house with smells from a warm oven and a little fluffy comfort never hurt any one.  While your at it, bake two and share it with your neighbor.  Giving is the yolk of humanness and creates positive vibes for your mind.  Bust out the crock pot. Nothing soothes the soul like homemade soup.  Make art!  Whether it's music or painting, working your creativity muscles is the perfect way to stay positive. Also...pop some vitamin D and grab a few full spectrum light bulbs. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here to help you stay motivated and connected to your goals!

How do you want to be in the world?

Seeing and being seen continued: How do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Our circumstances don’t define who we are, we choose to allow them to shift our thoughts and feelings.  Is it possible to show up in every situation as the person you want to be in this moment and in the next regardless of your circumstances? What’s getting in your way? Is it another person? Situation?

Imagine a situation that usually triggers you to think in a way that causes negative emotions or reactive behavior. Now imagine that same situation where everything plays out exactly as you would ideally want it to. Visualize the characters involved, the setting, the conversation, any detail you can. How would you be in this ideal situation? What are all the best parts of you that would be honest, kind, present, helpful? Now imagine a future where ever situation is just like that, your ideal circumstance. You already know how you are going to show up: Shining. if you are by your self and no one is around and you are setting up your own circumstances, are you acting in this ideal way? Can what you Think be enough to sustain your unflinching ability to be in control of you no matter what or who shows up in your life. Why does someone else get to decide how you feel? They don’t.

Practice this: you get to be the person you want to be in every moment regardless of what you are doing. Our circumstances don’t define us, intact they are just tools to use to continue to evolve into a fuller version of our truest nature.