You are a Woman.

You hold the power of life in your DNA.

Living a life you love is only one thought away.

You are the embodiment of the divine feminine.

Mind Body Coaching take you through the process of re-membering, reclaiming and rejoicing your passions, power and truth.

All you need to do is say yes to you!


As Women, stepping into the Motherhood/Lover phase of our lives (with or without children) is the point where we have the greatest opportunity to live more fully on purpose.

This is when our personal passions become more clear.

We step into the future with integrity, commitment and great responsibility for the life we most desire.

It’s all to common to question our self identity and worth in the world at this phase.

Who am I really?

How can I simply BE in the joy of living?

What do I want my future to look like?

Why can’t I stop doing the things that seem to hurt me the most?

What do I really even want for my future?

As the leaders of our home and community, we are the walking advertisements for the future.

We lead by example of personal responsibility.

Rites of passage no longer exist , guiding us to look deeper inward. To inquire into the layers of the self.

Societal constructs condition the unseen parts of the mind.

Self sabotage and low self esteem from limiting beliefs of self worth can become a way of life.

Depression and anxiety creep in from loss and mourning.

Bad habits form as a way of emotional buffering from feelings of existential dispaire and a spiritual deficit.

I experienced all of this and more.

I was a victim.

I took back my power.

I loved my self harder than ever.

Now I am the heroine of my life.

I learned how to watch my breath.

I dug deep into the wellspring of my internal resources that connected me with the power of the universe.

I got to know my mind and body on my terms.

I actively worked on self inquiry.

I took control of my thoughts.

I built confidence through holistic health, exercise and the ancient wisdom of my womb.

I created rituals of personal prayer, movement and communing with nature.


I allowed my greatness to shine.

This is what I teach my clients to do for themselves.

Awareness, education and growth are the 3 steps we take to turn your problems into power.

I help you rediscover yourself on your terms are write your story of truth and boldness.

I use sacred movement, mindful thinking and ceremony to guide you into your personal power,

of the ritual that is your life.

Where ever you are in your life, , there is room for you here.

“Mary is a treasure. I’ve struggled with seasonal depression and general anxiety for years and my ability to cope has always measured up to, “I’ll deal with it when it happens.” My first session in Mary’s 8-week program was comfortable and almost like I was talking to a long time friend. She listened to my struggles, offered support at the moment, and immediately got to work on a plan to get ahead of the SADs and pull me out of my patterns of anxiety. Mary is incredibly intuitive, intelligent, and realistic about fitting mindfulness into your daily life no matter how busy you are. I never felt like it was too much work or not practical for my schedule. She understands that people also have lives and jobs and she was always happy to tweak our meeting times to fit my schedule. I really appreciated having someone that understood my goals as well as how much time I had to give towards them. The program itself had a natural progression of weekly goals and themes. All of which provided me with tools and coping mechanisms to use for whenever my negative thinking crept in. The program helped me become more in tune with my mind and body and put the origins of my struggles into a perspective that felt so much more manageable to me. I’m so grateful for Mary and the things I learned while working with her. I carry them with me now in my daily life as an arsenal for when days get dark. Thank you so much, Mary!!” -Sarah P.

“Mary is a powerhouse of knowledge and spirit. Her coaching has helped me become more in tune with my thoughts and behaviors and helped me find joy in exploring body movement. I suffer from back pain and negative habits and Mary and her 8 week program , from Problems to power, has equipped me with simple but powerful daily tools to overcome both!” - M. G.