Take a break from drinking without FOMO, YO!.png


Questioning your relationship with alcohol is 100% NORMAL.

Change, especially outside of cultural norms, takes courage.

And no one wants to miss out on the PARTY.

Remember, nothing has gone wrong, you are NOT broken.

The mind is made to be conditioned. That is how we learn and survive.

Unfortunately, not all learned behaviors are useful.

I am here to help you become the authority over your life.

I have been there and so have many of my clients.

The urge to drink can be managed with out pain and fear.

As far from the truth as it may seem, your beliefs around alcohol can and WILL change, if you allow it.

There is a global shift on consciousness on the planet, not just around alcohol, but how to live life with greater awareness, authenticity and love.

I made you this free companion guide and worksheet to help you take a break from drinking and start your journey from a place of self love, health and curiosity. You will get immediate access on this page after you add your email and name there will be a link. XO, Mary